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Walla Walla Solar Farm

Project Outline

Bison Energy (BE) is developing a Solar Farm (Project) which is up to 300MW (AC) in capacity in Walla Walla, NSW. The Project will use solar photovoltaic (PV) technology with trackers and ancillary equipment. It will connect to TransGrid's 330kV line which is right passing through the site. The Walla Walla solar farm site has an area of about 620 hectares, and belongs to two landholders. The Proponent, BE belongs to Bison Energy Group, who is an international leading large-scale renewable energy developer and investor with a portfolio of projects across Australia, Europe and Japan. The company identifies sites, negotiates land arrangements, network connection and arranges all key commercial contracts including construction, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and financing. The company partners with the world’s best and experienced suppliers and investors to fund, design, construct and operate the solar farm. Bison Energy Group are well placed with its specialist knowledge, experience and partners to be able to successfully develop, construct and operate solar farms.