About Walla Walla Solar Farm

If approved, the Walla Walla Solar Farm would be constructed on private land approximately 4 kilometres North East of Walla Walla and approximately 40 kilometres north of Albury in NSW.

The proposed solar farm will consist of approx. 900,000 solar panels installed across the 605-hectare site. The solar farm will have a 300-megawatt (MWac) capacity of clean, renewable energy – enough to power approx. 90,000 NSW homes.

The solar farm will be connected to the electricity network via the existing transmission line that runs parallel to Schneiders Road.

Capacity: 300 MWac
Annual Production: 740,000 MWh/Year
CO2 Avoided: 520,000 t/Year
Households Supplied: 90,000 Homes
Surface: 605 Hectares
Construction / Operation Date: Q1 2021 / Q4 2022
System Type: Solar photovoltaic with single axis tracking

Who is developing the project?

  • FRV Services Australia is the owner and developer of the Walla Walla Solar Farm project.
  • The project’s previous owner, Bison Energy sold the project development rights to FRV in July 2019.
  • A priority for the Project Development team is to provide opportunities for residents to put forward their issues and concerns and feel comfortable that FRV, as new owners, are committed to developing a reliable and safe clean energy asset for the region.

  • See our Project Fact Sheet here.

How will the project be assessed?

  • Given its significant potential to contribute to the economic and clean energy priorities of NSW, the Walla Walla Solar Farm proposal will be assessed as a State Significant Development by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.
  • As the responsible authority, the Department will assess the solar farm concept in accordance with detailed environmental and land use planning requirements.
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment has been prepared to provide a full description of the proposed project, its potential environmental impacts and the compatibility of the site with current and future land uses.
  • Members of the public have made submissions to the Assessment process during the project’s Notification period.

  • For more details on the Assessment, please see here .

Powering the Future

  • Walla Walla Solar Farm will utilise state of the art solar photovoltaic panels mounted on a horizontal, single-axis tracking system that enable the panels to move with the sun. This technology operates in varying daylight conditions including low light and cloudy weather and is extremely efficient for generating clean electricity with minimal noise, water consumption or waste.
  • Once complete, Walla Walla Solar Farm is expected to generate for up to 30 years.

Bright Prospects

Should it be approved, the Walla Walla Solar Farm will deliver significant benefits to the Greater Hume Region:
For more information, click here to see ‘Questions and Answers’ about the project.