Walla Walla Solar Farm will be located in between the townships of Walla Walla and Culcairn, in NSW.

The choice of location for the solar farm is driven by two main factors. Firstly, this location has abundant levels of solar irradiation throughout the year. Secondly, the site is well located for exporting the solar farm’s electricity into the existing national electricity grid – avoiding the need to build additional transmission infrastructure – a significant additional cost for project developers and electricity customers.

  • As per guidelines zoning will not change as solar farms are considered a compatible activity for development within this zone.
  • The site is not irrigated – the majority of individual dams onsite will be maintained (and enhanced). Sheep grazing can continue on the site and co-exist with the solar farm operations.
  • The project has been designed to fit the available land and to maximize the facility’s energy generation capacity and energy yield.
  • The project will be built over private land owned by two separate landowners. The land will be leased from the landowners via a long-term lease agreement.
  • Additional lots are not being sought at this time. The project has been appropriately sized to match estimated electricity grid capacity in the local area.

We recognise the Greater Hume community values this region for its good agricultural output. There is also a need for development of considered and well-planned renewable energy facilities that deliver clean, affordable power to customers. The potential impact of the solar farm on farming land will be assessed during the planning approvals process.